Upgrade Dikio’s status, Phase 3 ex-militant leaders implores Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has been urged to elevate Col. Milland Dikio (retd) from Interim Administrator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme to Special Advisor SA to the President on the Niger Delta and Coordinator of the Amnesty Programme, according to Delta State PAP Phase 3 leaders.
The Phase 3 Amnesty leaders noted that following the precedents of Dikio since he assumed the mantle to coordinate the affairs of ex-militants from the Niger Delta region, his programs, approach, and policies have greatly improved in the management of the ex-war lords, so they suggested that the nomenclature of Ini be used instead.
The meeting, which was attended by Julius Joseph, National Chairman of the Phase 3 Presidential Amnesty Program, “Gen” Godsday Smith, and others, praised Dikio for paying the documented ex-militants their monthly stipends on time and for reaching out to the community to satisfy their needs.
The phase 3 ex-militants, who were overlooked after their leaders were documented since 2013, were advised by Ekpebide to be documented.
He praised Dikio for acting quickly to dissuade the phase 3 ex-militants from their plans to protest at the Amnesty Office in Abuja.
In order to get their input and to avoid relying solely on the highest ranking ex-leader leaders, who he charged with shielding Dikio from others who are equally capable of coming up with brilliant ideas that could advance the program, Ekpebide urged Dikio to find and engage the ex-militant leaders of each phase 1, phase 2, and phase 3 in every state of the Niger Delta region.
The leaders of Phase 3 Amnesty also urged the National Security Advisor, or NSA, and the Presidency to give Dikio full authority to manage the program’s affairs, noting that since his appointment as interim administrator, he has not faltered and the area has been experiencing comparatively calm conditions.

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