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Mr Ibu denies romantic relationship rumour with adopted daughter

Popular Nollywood actor John Okafor, also known as Mr. Ibu, has dismissed his wife Stella’s accusations that he is dating his adopted daughter Jasmine.

In a conversation with a blogger, Stella made the accusation that Mr. Ibu was having an affair with Jasmine. She also claimed that Jasmine had taken control of her husband’s Instagram account in an effort to deceive him because he has dementia.

Mr. Ibu refuted the assertion during an Instagram live session with Daddy Freeze, stating that Stella was his second wife and that she was aware of Jasmine’s adoption status prior to their marriage.

Mr Ibu’s second son, Daniel Okafor,  who also joined the live session too corroborated his father’s claim that Jasmine has been adopted since childhoodThe actor went on to say that he has been taking care of his wife and children and that he has even bought her cars, which she has sold without giving him a dime.

His son also stated that Jasmine took care of their father when Stella refused to stay with him in the hospital and paid N500,000 to retrieve and verify his father’s Instagram account.

“Jasmine was in Cyprus then. When she heard the news, she came to Abuja to take care of my dad, paying the bills while he was in the hospital,” he added.

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Some persons in Aso Rock are working against Tinubu’s victory – El-Rufai

Nasir El-Rufai, the governor of Kaduna State, disclosed on Wednesday that some individuals in Aso Rock Villa are attempting to thwart Bola Tinubu, the APC’s presidential candidate, from winning this month’s poll.

I think there are Villa factions that want us to lose the election because they weren’t able to have their candidate, he added. During an appearance on Channels TV’s Sunrise Daily, El-Rufai said that their candidate had lost the primary.

The governor clarified that those opposed to Tinubu’s victory were those whose candidates were beaten by the APC presidential flagbearer in the party’s presidential primaries.

“They are trying to get us to lose the election, and they are hiding behind the president’s desire to do what he thinks is right. I will give two examples: this petroleum subsidy, which is costing the country trillions of Naira, was something that we all agreed would be removed.

“In fact, I had a discussion with the president and showed him why it had to go. Because how can you have a capital budget of N200b for federal roads and then spend N2 Trillion on petroleum subsidy? This was a conversation I had with the president in 2021 when the subsidy thing started rising. He was convinced. We left. It changed. Everyone in the government agreed, and it changed.

“The second example I will give is this currency redesign. You have to understand the president. People are blaming the Governor of the Central Bank for the currency redesign, but No. You have to go back and look at the first outing of Buhari as president. He did this; the Buhari, Idiagbon regime changed our currency and did it in secrecy with a view to catching those that are stashing away illicit funds. It is a very good intention. The president has his right. But doing it at this time within the allotted time does not make any political or economic sense.”

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‘Wizkid will not performing at Peter Obi’s campaign’, manager says

Wizkid’s management has dismissed reports that the Grammy Award winner will perform at Peter Obi’s campaign for president of the Labour Party.

The artist’s manager, Sunday Are, denied the allegations that the singer would perform.

The statement reads, “This is to inform the general public that this event led by @avotujohnson1st is a scam!!.

“Wizkid and his management know nothing about this event and accordingly, he will not perform at the said event as claimed, so please beware of this poster and information put out from its organizers as Wizkid and his management will not be liable for any damages.

“Appropriate legal action is currently being explored against the persons responsible for creating and disseminating this false information.”

Recall the ‘Ojuelegba’ crooner recently announced he will be going on tour with fellow music star, Davido.

The tour has attracted the interest of music enthusiasts with many looking forward to the tour of two of the biggest artisits in Africa.

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Diphtheria: NCDC calls for vigilance as Lagos, 3 others record cases

According to the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, action was being taken in response to reports of cases of diphtheria in the states of Lagos and Kano, while the situation in the states of Osun and Yobe, where cases were just now being discovered, was being watched.

The Agency stated in a statement on Friday that there have been laboratory-confirmed cases in addition to clinically suspected ones.

The NCDC consequently asked parents to make sure that their children were fully immunized against diphtheria as recommended in the childhood immunization schedule, calling for vigilance and the maintenance of a high index of suspicion for diphtheria symptoms by healthcare professionals.

It confirmed that the Agency was working with State Ministries of Health and partners to enhance surveillance and response to the outbreak while informing the public to stay safe at home and in their communities.

Diphtheria is a serious bacterial infection caused by the bacterium Corynebacterium species that affects the nose, throat and sometimes, skin of an individual. It is a contagious disease transmitted easily between people through direct contact with infected people or contaminated clothing and objects, and droplets from coughing or sneezing.

People most at risk of contracting diphtheria include children and adults who have not received any or a single dose of the pentavalent vaccine (a diphtheria toxoid-containing vaccine). Others are those who live in a crowded environment, areas with poor sanitation, healthcare workers and others who are exposed to suspected/confirmed cases of diphtheria.

Symptoms usually start after 2 – 10 days of exposure to the bacteria. They include fever, runny nose, sore throat, cough, red eyes (conjunctivitis) and neck

In severe cases, a thick grey or white patch appears on the tonsils and/or at the back of the throat associated with difficulty in breathing. The disease is preventable through immunization as recommended by the Nigeria childhood immunisation schedule of three doses of pentavalent vaccine (diphtheria toxoid-containing vaccine) for children in the 6th-, 10th- and 14th -week of life.

Additionally, those who exhibit symptoms suggestive of diphtheria should remain in isolation and contact the NCDC, the state disease surveillance officer (DSNO), or the local government office via the toll-free number (6232).

The Agency advised that close contacts of a confirmed case of diphtheria be closely watched, given antibiotic prophylaxis, and started on diphtheria antitoxin treatment when necessary.

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Veteran actor ‘Papa Ajasco’ is dead

Femi Ogunrombi, a seasoned performer in Nollywood who was known as Papa Ajasco, has passed away.

Husseini Shaibu, a theater professional, reported his death on Sunday via his Twitter account.

He wrote, “I have just been reliably informed that the ethnomusicologist, former Music Instructor with #NATIONALTROUPE and one time stand in for the ‘Papa Ajasco’ character on the popular #waleadenugaprod comic series ‘Papa Ajasco’ Mr. Femi Ogunrombi is dead.

“I am told that the actor, singer, highlifist and trained nurse whom we fondly called ‘Uncle Ogurombo’ (not to his hearing though) passed on this evening (Saturday)”

Ogunrombi was popular for his role in Wale Adenuga’s Comedy series, Papa Ajasco.

Ogunrombi took over the character, Papa Ajasco, when the former character, Abiodun Ayoyinka pulled out of the show.

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‘Obasanjo Endorsement Is Like Giving Out Poison’ -Tinubu Slams Ex-President

Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the APC’s presidential candidate, criticized former President Olusegun Obasanjo on Thursday for his recent support of Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate.

He asserted that Obasanjo cannot lead others in the right direction because he does not know the road.

At a party gathering for the president held at the University of Benin Sports Complex in Benin City, Tinubu made a statement.

Recalling what Obasanjo did to his administration as the Lagos State Governor, the former governor said, “Obasanjo seized our salaries, local government monies. Do you call that person a good or a wicked man?

“So, if he says he endorsed somebody, is it not poison that he is giving to you?

“One who doesn’t know the way cannot show the way. He is endorsing Obi but he doesn’t know the road.”

Tinubu appealed to Nigerians to vote for him, assuring them that he will bring prosperity, create jobs and secure Nigerians when elected.

He said he was familiar with the route considering his records as governor of Lagos.

He said, “I know how to perform. I did it in Lagos and I will do it in Nigeria. I will bring an economic hub to Edo State, give skills to the boys, start credit lending, empower small-scale industries so that they can be able to be on their own and get rid of estimated billing.

“We will turn this state into an energy state. We will turn the so-called yahoo boys into experts in the manufacturing and creation of chips. We will bring long-term reforms.

“We can break the shackles of poverty, ignorance and homelessness. We will do it together. We have the knowledge and the brain. Trust me, I am an expert in finding the way where there is no way. I found a way to tame the Atlantic Ocean and turned it into a money-making machine. I found a way to stop the killing drainages to channelisation and prosperity. I have done many things. I have the power of thinking and doing.

“If you want prosperity, elect me. If you want skills to become rich, elect me. If you want security, elect me. If you say I should retire, you will retire knowledge, diamond and gold.”

In his speech, Adams Oshiomhole, a former national chairman of the APC, urged Edo citizens to vote for the former governor of Lagos State because of his solid record and contribution to the battle against a one-party system.

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Portable visits ex-Arsenal footballer Emmanuel Adebayo

A controversial artist from Nigeria named Portable, also known as Habeeb Okikiola, pays Emmanuel Adebayor, a former Arsenal player, a visit.

Recall a recent viral video of him that appeared online, showing the performer being carried on stage in a coffin.

Recent events include the observation of Portable and Adebayor mingling in the latter’s home.

In the clip, Portable could not contain his joy upon meeting Adebayo, while he entertained everyone’s ears with his manner of speech and slangs.

He said, “I dey with Adebayor. Kala, ma re rin. I dey with international footballer. No be all those akparo footballer wey never chop.

“You don collect cup? You don collect award? Akoi grace, Adebayor. Akoi mercy. Anybody wey pray for your downfall go fall.”

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Sabinus under fire over mockery of Tinubu

The presidential candidate of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, has drawn criticism from Nigerians when popular comedian Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Ejekwu, well known as Mr. Funny or Oga Sabinus, made fun of him.

A viral video featuring the comedian Sabinus delighting his audience at a recent performance in Port-Harcourt as some sketch performers imitate Tinubu has been buzzing online.

In response to the video, Bashir Ahmada, a Buhari aide, wrote on his Twitter page, “This is very insulting Sabinus.”

Another Tinubu’s supporter ,Qudus Akanbi Eleyi of Lagos,  called out the comedian for the act and urged Twitter users to unfollow the comedian.

While another cross section of supporters, backing Sabinus , claimed he only mimicked Tinubu.

@BashirAhmaad said, “In English, what sabinus did is called “mimicking” many great presidents, leaders, actors, actress have been mimicked in the past. Tinubu was mimicked, they didn’t add any words he didn’t say.. if you find this disgusting, that’s how disgusting you candidate appears and sounds.

@firstladyship said,”Sabinus is a young man minding his business. He paid his dues in full. Freedom of Speech is guaranteed under your constitution. The APC will be defeated & sent back to the underworld (whence they came). Please follow @Sabinus1_ for more hilarious contents.”

@muzzie_ola said, “In English, what sabinus did is called “mimicking” many great presidents, leaders, actors, actress have been mimicked in the past. Tinubu was mimicked, they didn’t add any words he didn’t say.. if you find this disgusting, that’s how disgusting you candidate appears and sounds.”

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Just in : After 12 years, Basketmouth, wife end marriage

Veteran Comedian, Bright Okpocha, popularly known as Basketmouth, on Thursday, announced a breakup with his wife, Elsie Okpocha.

According to report, Basketmouth celebrated Elsie’s 44th birthday anniversary around September but failed to celebrate their annual wedding anniversary which usually comes up in November.

Taking to his verified social media to announce their divorce, Basketmouth wrote, “As much as it pains me to bring my personal life to the public space, this is an unavoidable situation.

“After much deliberations, my wife and I have made the difficult decision to end our marriage.

“As we move forward separately, we will continue to work together to give our beautiful children all the care, love, guidance and support they need.

“We humbly ask that you respect our privacy as we navigate through these times. Thank you,” he said.

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Davido Makes First Public Appearance After Son’s Death


Nigerian singer and songwriter, David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, has made his first public appearance in Osun State after his son Ifeanyi’s demise.

Davido, who lost his only son on November 1, was at the inauguration of his uncle, Nurudeen Adeleke, as the governor of the state.

The act’s aide, Israel DMW, shared photos of the singer and his team at the event.

“OGA, NO GO EVER MINUS. We are outside @aadeleke_01 OSUN STATE GOVERNOR. ”

Ifeanyi was said to have drowned in a swimming pool at his father’s residence in Banana Island, Lagos.

Sunday’s inauguration comes months after Adeleke, the gubernatorial flagbearer of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), secured 403,371 votes to defeat Gboyega Oyetola of the All Progressives Congress (APC), who polled 375,027 votes.

He won 17 LGAs in the state, while the APC clinched 13 LGAs.


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