Our Story: GOGAN (Good Government Ambassadors of Nigeria)

We are made up of patriotic Nigerians from all walks of life who are committed to entrenching the culture of hate for corruption, in line with good governance Ambassadors of Nigeria, a non-governmental organization designed to drive the unity and love among Nigerians.

Our aimed is to advocate for good leadership in Nigeria. We have a large membership of over  7,650,000 patriotic Nigerians from all works of life. 

GOGAN core value is to promote and rally support towards enthronement of good governance in Nigeria for peace, unity and prosperity among party members, and more importantly to cooperate with the party leadership at ensuring strict implementation of the party manifesto by political office holders across all levels by encouraging performance through awards and commendations.

At GOGAN we are committed to evolve workable strategies toward youth empowerment, ensuring satisfactory fulfillment of campaign promises, party discipline, winning elections as well as implementing of party manifesto. This we shall pursue through research, and effective information dissemination techniques through the use of pidgin English and local dialects.

GOGAN is at the forefront of propagating anti-corruption campaign of the incumbent government. We promote and celebrate moral values, integrity modesty, and honesty among Nigerians so as to foster growth and development of the nation.

As an organization committed to improve national consciousness for civil participation in democracy, we are consistent in grassroots mobilization that supports candidates with people oriented programs and policy for the attainment of the Nigerian dream.

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To promote Unity and Peace among Nigerians as a panacea to achieving positive development in the Nation.


To propagate anti-corruption campaign. By promoting and celebrating moral values, integrity, modesty and honesty among Nigerians. To evolve workable strategies toward youth empowerment through agriculture and mining, ICT programs among others.


To rally support for the elective officers in the bid to engender positive performance and delivery of the dividends of democracy to the entire citizenry.